10 Ways to Be a Godly Woman || Book Launch

Unmarried women don’t often know how to apply the verses of Proverbs 31 to their lives... This book changes that.



If you're like me, you're plagued by questions like:  What does it mean to be a woman, where do I find my value, what is a righteous way to live, and what does God say about me? That’s why I decided to write this book with the help of 6 awesome friends, family members and authors. I wanted to take the popular passage on womanhood, Proverbs 31, and make it more practical and applicable for young, unmarried women. 

This 10 week Bible Study takes you through 10 key characteristics in the passage of Proverbs 31, giving you practical and spiritual guidance as you seek to refine your character to reflect Christ. In a culture which warps truth, hides from God and rejects His ways, we hope to provide resources as you bring His light with you wherever you go. The premise of each chapter answers the question “what do I need to believe about God in order to embody this characteristic?” 


At the end of this study you will have a better understanding of how:

  • Believing that God is great will allow us to fear him and gain wisdom
  • Receiving God’s gift of rest will help us believe we are valuable and worthy
  • Realizing that God is a generous God will help us be generous 
  • Leaning into God’s faithfulness will make us fearless
  • Believing God is our source will help us be diligent and enterprising
  • Because of God’s trustworthiness we can be driven
  • Understanding that God is the author of our story will help us be forward thinking
  • Believing Jesus is our groom will make us homemakers
  • Realizing God is king leads us to believing we are respected and noble
  • Identifying as a daughter of God is how we can be strong and dignified.



I remember when I was around 8, my Mom hosted a Bible study at our house with a bunch of moms, most were either pregnant or nursing their first child. I asked what they talked about during the study and my Mom told me “Proverbs 31.” That was the first time I learned that there was an entire chapter of the Bible dedicated to womanhood! 

Fast forward a few years to when I was 17 years old, reading that chapter for myself, and realizing this woman is a wife and mother. I was disappointed to see that there’s nothing in that chapter for me, I’m not a wife or Mom yet! It must have been the Holy Spirit’s prompting because there’s no way I would have come to this conclusion on my own, because I reread it a second time, and realized that this chapter was actually a collection of character traits. Character traits can be embodied by anyone!

Narrowing it down to 10 traits I realized this would make an epic book, especially if both married and unmarried women could glean something from it! Quickly realizing I didn’t have the experience or wisdom to write such a book on my own, I shot out an email to 20+ of the women I knew who were Godly and had wisdom to give. 6 of them responded with a desire to contribute… and well, here we are! 

It’s been a journey of discernment, writing and rewriting, studying scripture, long distance phone calls, google docs comments 10 strands long, reading and rereading, editing and reediting… and finally, it’s brought us here! 


I think the hardest part of the journey for me is for sure those moments when I yell at a sibling, scream at God in prayer, mistreat a friend, or just downright sin… and the voice in my head says “You shouldn’t be writing a book, look at you!” It usually takes a few hours of me crying, feeling worthless, then beating myself for writing a chapter about how valuable people are when I sit here feeling value-less… before I let the spirit calm me down with the reassurance that “You aren’t claiming to have found perfection, you’re simply realizing your a sinner in need of a savior, and you want to help other people along the same journey you’re on!” Sitting down to write about how singleness is a gift when deep in my heart I know I want to be married, or about the value and worth of women when I can curl up on my bed feeling worthless on a regular basis, or about strength and dignity when I can be petty and unforgiving… It's humbling. You have to constantly ask Jesus to speak through you. You have to realize that having the vision to put truth into writing, isn’t a claim to perfection. 

We are all sinners, we all fall short, and we all have hopeless moments where we don’t feel like trying anymore. But we shouldn’t be using that as an excuse to stop trying, stop fighting or stop surrendering our will to his. 

The words on the pages of this book, while written by either me or one of my other 6 lovely authors, are simply from one Jesus lover to another. Use them as encouragement, conviction or teaching from scripture and tools to deepen our relationship with the Lord. But please don’t assume any of us have achieved perfection in any of the areas we write about! 

Our tendency as humans to constantly slip up is simply a reminder that we can only become a better person, achieve greatness or grow in love and truth with the help of Jesus! 


You can see a sneak peek of the book HERE and read a few pages for yourself and see if it’s right for you! All purchases come with access to our video course and a free download of the leader guide! We encourage you to get a group of 3+ girls together to read the book alongside one another. That’s what the body of Christ is for!




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