• How Hypocrisy has Tainted the Church

    Hypocrisy is such a prevalent issue in the Church because our very belief system is based on laws and morals that are so high we can’t possibly achieve them!
  • Enduring Tragedy with God's Grace

    But when the event actually occurs, God’s grace is there to hold you. It catches you right in that moment between despair and anguish, where you’re the most vulnerable and desperate for love and comfort. 
  • How You Can Shift Culture for the Kingdom

    Our walk as Christians can be simply defined is fighting back the chaos of the enemy to reclaim people, space and time for the Kingdom of God. Like Jesus, we are given eyes to see, and a heart of discernment to tell when a table needs to be flipped. This sounds like a huge task, and it is, but it can be very simply done, just by viewing every opportunity around us as an opportunity to identify a violation toward the Lord and reclaim it for him. 
  • It's Time To Show Up

    Okay Christians, it’s time we show up. The entire world is facing the same trial right now, it is ripe with fear and asking the questions it normally wouldn’t. They’re looking for answers, looking for purpose, looking for security, and this is the moment we’ve been waiting for. 
  • Don't Panic, but There's a Pandemic

    A Christian's response to the coronavirus- "The world should not dictate the state of our peace and when we are under the Lord’s covering we are safe."