So You're Bored, Now What? (5 Ideas to Keep You Busy)

The entire world is currently banned together with a common enemy… something that has never happened before. I have lots of thoughts on the coronavirus and the state of the world right now, but we’ll save that for a different time. Right now, let’s talk about how to not go crazy! 

If you’ve either been quarantined or have decided to self quarantine, you’re probably in your house (either alone or with family/roommates) and you’re a week or less into this thing, realizing it could last a month or more, and you feel like pulling your hair out. 

Here are 5 ideas that could help:

1. Socialize despite the distance

We’ve all been told to social distance, which I agree is the best form of action, but we are social beings. We aren’t meant to live in isolation no matter how introverted we might be. If you’re at home with your family, chances are you are spending more time with them now than you ever have. If this is the case, it’s a great opportunity to actually engage in some deep conversation. Not just school talk or work talk or small talk… ask deep questions and really get closer to one another. PLUS we live in a day and age where it is easier than ever to keep in contact with people. Utilize facetime to stay connected to friends. Another way to keep in touch and eat up your endless amounts of time is to write. A. Letter. *gasp* Yes, be old fashioned. Decorate your envelope, write slowly, and maybe throw in a couple “my dearest”s and “thee”s and “thyne”s just to make it sound old fashioned too. 


2. Use your brain

You might be doing school or work from home, but chances are you still have plenty of free time. Now is your chance to learn something you actually want to be learning. Read a book you’ve been putting off, take that online course, learn that instrument, pick up a new hobby! What a perfect opportunity to get excited about something new!


3. Clean that ish

Whatever you’ve been putting off cleaning, go do it. Maybe it’s your bedroom, that room with a bunch of random stuff you don’t know what to do with, your basement, the cupboards in the kitchen… whatever it might be, GET ON IT. Use your boredom to fuel productivity. 


4. Self Care

This is an easy one. Pamper yourself! Do that self mani-pedi that takes forever, soak in a hot bath, make DIY face masks, watch your favorite throwback, light a few candles, exfoliate. Girl you don’t even need me to convince you, you know you want it.



As usual, saving the best for last. Stop procrastinating, stop making excuses, you’re not busy, and you know you need it. Who knows what the heck is going on in the world, when this might end, the next time you’ll do something fun with your friends… but this is the moment you’ve been waiting for to seriously invest in your relationship with Jesus. Read your Bible every day, spend 30 min- an HOUR in prayer, watch a sermon, go online to ask questions, join an online Bible study… I’m serious. All of your excuses are gone and now it’s time to invest

If you found this list helpful, then you’ll love my FREE 30 day quarantine calendar! You can download it at no cost to you, or donate your preferred amount and I’m giving 100% of it to families in need because of COVID-19. Lots of people have lost their jobs, are trying to survive at home with their kids, have bills to pay or are sick and they need our help! Even $5 helps. Thanks guys!

~ Kels


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