Invest in Memories, not Possessions

Mt. Haleakala on Maui, HI

I want you to think back to your favorite memory right now.

I know that’s a broad ask but just think about an experience that makes you super joyful, in awe or content. My guess is the top 3 reasons for that being your favorite memory is either: God, relationships or the place you were in. (But if we are being honest, God is the reason for everything am I right) I already write a lot about God, and I don’t claim to be an expert on any kind of relationships, although those might slip in from time to time... so my next favorite thing to talk about is places. I find that traveling is not only the best way to cultivate epic and experiences but also to preserve memories!

Off on our first Israel trip 2010

I’ve probably spent a combined 4 years living in an RV and 2 years living in Israel throughout my short 20 year old life. 

I’ve learned a foreign language, been to nearly every state, slept at the bottom of the sibling pile in the back of an Arab taxi, gone grocery shopping in an Israeli market 3 times weekly, been to the Red Wood Forest, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park. I have swam in the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean. I drove the Road to Hana, watched the sun set on Mt. Haleakala, prayed at the Western Wall, been to Disney a million times, worshiped on Mt. Zion, and got lost in the giant Black Hills RV park. 

All of this has reminded me of one thing: Creation is beautiful. Actually two things... the second is: Jerusalem is God’s favorite city. Don’t believe me? Just open your Bible and start reading.

Jerusalem 2018

Material possessions can bring momentary joy, but the greatest joy I get, other than actually living these experiences, is remembering them. When I’m on my deathbed the greatest things I will have are my relationships and my memories. I used to want to be a YouTube beauty guru, believe it or not... I collected tons of prestige makeup during my employment period at Ulta Beauty and I made quite a few mediocre makeup tutorials... filming hauls, how-tos and favorites for the world to see. 

Then one day I was watching one of my favorite beauty gurus, and I realized... her entire life revolves around makeup. Her desk had thousands of brushes, ranging from $6-$100 each. She had entire closets dedicated to storing her tens of thousands of dollars worth of makeup. And what was the point of makeup? At it’s best, to accentuate beauty, at it’s worse, to cover your insecurities. I realized I didn’t even like putting makeup on every day. It wasn’t worth the time or money investment. My message and mark on the world would be about material possessions that you literally wash away at the end of every day. 

Bamboo Forest, Road to Hana


So that’s when I dropped that pipe dream and started pursuing more meaningful investment  of time. Travel and experiences went high on the list. In one year (2017 I think?) I counted that I had been on over 30 plane rides! They were for a mixture of work, family and fun trips, and that includes layovers. But that’s a heck lot of travel! I still haven’t been anywhere out of the country besides Israel, but because I value it so highly, I have determined to find the cheapest, funnest and most worthwhile ways to travel that I can and I want to share my findings and experiences with you! Together, let’s pursue meaningful and lasting experiences above materialistic possessions. Use it as a way to deepen relationships, make new ones, evangelize, focus on projects, make memories, educate yourself and appreciate God’s creativity! 

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