30 Day Quarantine Calendar!
30 Day Quarantine Calendar!
30 Day Quarantine Calendar!

30 Day Quarantine Calendar!

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This product serves 2 purposes: 

1) Gives you a plan, calendar and multiple detailed checklists for however long you are quarantined because of the coronavirus.

2) Raises money for families in need after this crisis!

(You could download this for free, but we ask you to consider donating any amount you'd like to give to help families who lost their jobs, can't take care of their kids or are sick)

What you get:

- A daily checklist

- A 30 day calendar

- Ideas and suggestions on how to spend your time in quarantine

- Deep conversation starters

- Suggested fiction and non-fiction reading list

- Deep cleaning checklist

- Self Care ideas

- Resources and ideas for learning new things

What is "Pay what you want?":

Because of the Coronavirus, millions of families are suffering from illness, job loss, isolation and lack of community. I created this calendar to help the individual manage their time but ultimately to raise money to give to families suffering because of this crisis. 100% of proceeds will be donated, you get to pick how much! Follow my Instagram to see updates on how much we raise. 

Together we can make it through this!